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A Look Inside Stevin John House

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Stevin John also known as Blippi

Stevin John is a celebrity who is famous for his YouTube channel. His channel name is Blippi on which Stevin makes educational videos for children. Stevin is so funny and attractive that children did not tire of seeing his videos. He has got 17 million subscribers till now. He is also famous for his outlook, Stevin features a blue, button-down, long-sleeve polo and orange suspenders, and a bowtie.

It has come to know that in the past Stevin also served in the Air force, at that time he lived in Washington then he started making videos on youtube and moved to Las Angeles. We all know that Stevin is well known for his YouTube Channel but nowadays people google him to visit his house. In this blog post, we will explore the inside looks of Stevin John House.

Where does Stevin John live?

Stevin John was Ellensburg, WA native before his fortune brought him to Las Angeles. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles in Toluca Lake.

Net Worth of Stevin John:

The Estimated Net worth of Stevin John is $120 million dollars and it is growing day after day.

Specifications of Stevin John House:

Area in Square Feet 4100
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 5
Stevin House Address Clybourn Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91602
Price of the House 8 million Dollar

The exterior of Stevin House:

Outside Stevin, John House looks very comfortable and beautiful to visitors. It has a pool outside the building where you can swim whenever you want. You can also lie down under the sun after swimming in the pool, this is why Blippi’s house is so special.

Picture of Stevin John House from Outside

Exterior Image of Steve John House                                                      Source: Google

Interior of the house:

The interior scenes of the house are jaw-dropping, I can’t explain its beauty in words.


Bedroom of Stevin John House

Bedroom of Stevin John House                                                                               Source of Image: Google

Living Room:

Living Room of Stevin John House

Living Room                                                                                            Source Image: Google


Kitchen of Stevin John House

Image of Kitchen                                                                                 Source: Google


Bathtub of Stevin John House

Bathtub of Blippi                                                                                Source: Google