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Nilda Roman Perez: Unraveling the Tragic Tale of Hector Lavoe’s Wife

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Hector Lavoe, the legendary salsa performer, left an indelible mark on the music industry. Behind his success was a woman named Nilda Roman Perez, also known as Nilda Lavoe, who played a crucial role in his life. This article explores the life, activism, and unfortunate demise of Hector Lavoe’s wife, Nilda Roman Perez.

Who is Hector Lavoe’s Wife – Nilda Roman Perez?

Nilda Roman Perez, born in Cuba in 1932, was more than just the wife of Hector Lavoe. She was a Cuban-American activist deeply involved in the Cuban Revolution, advocating for freedom and democracy. After leaving Cuba in 1961, she became a member of both the Communist Party of the USA and the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five.

Nilda Puchi Biography:

Nilda, affectionately known as “Puchi,” married Hector Lavoe, and together they faced numerous challenges, including drug addiction. The couple endured hardships, and despite their struggles, they remained together until Lavoe’s passing. Nilda Roman Perez was not only Hector’s wife but also his pillar of support during difficult times.

Héctor Lavoe And His Wife Nilda Roman Perez:

In 1988, Hector Lavoe’s life took a tragic turn when he contracted AIDS from a contaminated needle. Nilda, exhausted from trying to help him overcome heroin addiction, had given up on their marriage. Lavoe passed away on June 29, 1993, leaving Nilda as a widow.

Nilda Roman Perez faced her own health challenges, including bronchial asthma. In 2002, a tragic incident occurred at her Bronx home, resulting in her death. Attempting to navigate a staircase after open-heart surgery, she lost her balance and fell. This event marked the end of Nilda’s life, leaving behind a legacy intertwined with the struggles of her late husband.

How did Hector Lavoe Wife – Nilda Roman Perez Die?

Nilda Roman Perez’s death occurred while she was working on a documentary about her late husband, Hector Lavoe, titled “El Cantante.” The accident took place when she fell from her 14th-floor window, resulting in severe brain damage. Her dedication to capturing Lavoe’s life on film exemplified her love and commitment to preserving his legacy.


The story of Nilda Roman Perez is one of love, sacrifice, and tragedy. From her involvement in the Cuban Revolution to her tumultuous marriage with Hector Lavoe, Nilda’s life was filled with challenges. Her untimely death during the making of a documentary about Lavoe adds a poignant chapter to this tale. The legacy of Nilda Roman Perez lives on, intertwined with the vibrant rhythms of salsa and the enduring memory of Hector Lavoe.

What role did Nilda Roman Perez play in the Cuban Revolution?

Nilda Roman Perez was a Cuban-American activist who fervently supported the Cuban Revolution, advocating for freedom and democracy.

How did Nilda and Hector Lavoe meet, and what challenges did they face in their marriage?

Nilda, known as “Puchi,” and Hector Lavoe met and married, facing numerous challenges, including drug addiction and health issues.

Tell us about the tragic incident that led to Nilda Roman Perez’s death.

Nilda fell from her 14th-floor window while filming a documentary about her late husband, Hector Lavoe, resulting in severe brain damage.

What was the significance of Nilda Roman Perez’s activism in the United States?

Nilda was a member of the Communist Party of the USA and the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, advocating for Cuban interests in the U.S.

How did the passing of Hector Lavoe impact Nilda’s life, and how did she cope with his death?

Lavoe’s death in 1993 left Nilda as a widow. She continued to honor his legacy by working on a biographical film about his life.

Who were Nilda Roman Perez’s children, and what tragedies did the Lavoe family endure?

Nilda and Hector had two children, Leslie and Hector Jr. Hector Jr. tragically died in an automobile accident in 1991.

What challenges did Nilda face in her marriage with Hector Lavoe, particularly during his battle with AIDS?

Answer: Lavoe’s AIDS diagnosis in 1988 strained their marriage, as Nilda had given up on him due to his heroin addiction.

What motivated Nilda Roman Perez to create a documentary about Hector Lavoe?

Answer: Nilda’s love for Lavoe and dedication to preserving his legacy led her to create a documentary, “El Cantante,” showcasing his life.

Describe Nilda Roman Perez’s impact on Hector Lavoe’s life during their marriage.

Nilda, or “Puchi,” was Hector Lavoe’s pillar of support during their tumultuous marriage, standing by him through hardships and challenges.

How did Nilda Roman Perez’s tragic death affect the Lavoe family and the legacy of Hector Lavoe?

Nilda’s death in 2002 added a poignant chapter to the Lavoe family’s story, intertwining her legacy with the enduring memory of Hector Lavoe.