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Stevin John also known as Blippi

Stevin John house is nowadays trending pharase on the Google, People are curious to visit the house of this famous Personality. It was our luck that we able to visit his house earlier this year and enjoy very good time with Stevin John.

Stevin John, known to children and parents alike as the quirky and lovable Blippi, has captured the hearts of millions with his educational videos and infectious personality. But what about the man behind the bowtie and suspenders?

What kind of world does he live in, and how does it reflect the whimsy and joy of his on-screen persona? In this article, we will explore the visit to the magical and enchanting world of Stevin John’s house.

From the colorful decorations to the unique artwork and quirky furnishings, prepare to be transported to a world of wonder and delight. Let’s explore the home of one of the most beloved figures on YouTube and discover what makes it truly special.

Where does Stevin John live?

Stevin John was Ellensburg, WA native before his fortune brought him to Las Angeles. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles in Toluca Lake.

Net Worth of Stevin John:

The Estimated Net worth of Stevin John is $120 million dollars and it is growing day after day.

Specifications of Stevin John House:

Area in Square Feet 4100
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 5
Stevin House Address Clybourn Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91602
Price of the House 8 million Dollar

The exterior of Stevin john House:

The Exterior As we approach Stevin John’s house, we are greeted by a bright yellow door, which sets the tone for the playful and vibrant world inside. It has a pool outside the building where you can swim whenever you want. You can also lie down under the sun after swimming in the pool, this is why Blippi’s house is so special. The exterior of the house is adorned with colorful flowers and plants as well, and the front porch is decked out with cozy seating and decorations that reflect Stevin’s fun personality.

Picture of Stevin John House from Outside
Exterior Image of Steve John House                                                      Source: Google

Interior of the house:

The interior scenes of the house are jaw-dropping, I can’t explain its beauty in words.


The Bedroom of Stevin John house is a serene and cozy retreat, decorated in calming colors and textures. The bed is covered in plush blankets and pillows, while a whimsical mobile hangs from the ceiling. The room also features a large closet filled with Stevin’s trademark blue polo shirts and bowties, as well as a collection of playful hats and accessories.

Bedroom of Stevin John House
Bedroom of Stevin John House                                                                               Source of Image: Google

Living Room:

The Living Room Stepping inside, we are immediately struck by the vibrant colors and playful decor of the living room. A large green couch dominates the space, while colorful artwork and knick-knacks adorn the walls and shelves. A large toy box and a miniature playhouse make it clear that this is a home where children are welcome.

Living Room of Stevin John House
Living Room                                                                                            Source Image: Google


The Kitchen Moving on to the kitchen, we find a space that is both functional and fun. The cabinets are painted in bright colors, and the countertops are adorned with playful accessories like a smiling toast-shaped toaster and a whimsical teapot. Stevin’s love of cooking is evident in the variety of kitchen gadgets and appliances on display.

Kitchen of Stevin John House
Image of Kitchen                                                                                 Source: Google


The bathtub in Stevin John house is a true work of art. As with the rest of his home, it’s clear that every detail has been carefully chosen to create a unique and playful space. The tub itself is a classic clawfoot style, with an elegant white finish. But it’s the surrounding decor that truly sets it apart. Colorful tiles cover the walls and ceiling, while a whimsical painting of a giant squid hangs overhead. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxing soak or a playful splash, and it’s just one of the many delightful features that make Stevin John’s house so special.

Bathtub of Stevin John House
Bathtub of Blippi                                                                                Source: Google


Stevin John house is a reflection of his playful and creative personality, and a true testament to the whimsical world he has created for children around the world. From the colorful exterior to the playful interior decor, it’s clear that this is a home filled with joy and fun. We hope this tour of Stevin John’s house has given you a glimpse into the world of Blippi and left you inspired to create your own playful space.


10 Frequently asked Question about Stevin John House:

  1. What inspired Stevin John to create a whimsical world in his home?

    Stevin John has always had a love for creativity and imagination. He wanted his home to reflect his playful personality and inspire others to embrace their own whimsy.

  2. How long did it take to decorate the house and where did Stevin get his ideas from?

    The process of decorating Stevin John’s house has been ongoing, with new elements added over time. He has drawn inspiration from a variety of sources, including his childhood memories and travels.

  3. What is the most unique feature of Stevin John’s house?

    One of the most unique features of Stevin John’s house is the giant ball pit located in the living room. It’s a playful and unexpected element that perfectly encapsulates the fun and whimsy of the space.

  4. How does Stevin John’s house reflect his personality and interests?

    Stevin John’s house is a reflection of his creative and playful personality, as well as his love for teaching and educating children. The space is filled with bright colors, unique decor, and interactive elements that encourage exploration and imagination.

  5. What is the significance of the color scheme in Stevin John’s house?

    The color scheme in Stevin John’s house is bright and cheerful, with bold hues of blue, orange, and green. These colors reflect his playful personality and are intended to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

  6. What materials were used to create the various elements in Stevin John’s house?

    A variety of materials were used in the creation of the different elements in Stevin John’s house, including wood, metal, glass, and fabric. Each element was carefully selected to create a cohesive and whimsical aesthetic.

  7. How does Stevin John’s house differ from other celebrity homes?

    Stevin John’s house stands out from other celebrity homes because of its unique and playful design. Rather than focusing on opulence and luxury, the space is intended to inspire creativity and imagination.

  8. Is Stevin John’s house child-friendly?

    Yes, Stevin John’s house is child-friendly and is designed to be a space where children can feel comfortable and inspired.

  9. Has Stevin John ever hosted any events or gatherings in his house?

    It’s unclear if Stevin John has ever hosted any events or gatherings in his house, as he is a very private individual. However, it’s possible that he has opened his home to small groups of friends and family.

  10. Can fans visit Stevin John’s house or is it strictly private?

    Stevin John’s house is strictly private and is not open to the public. While fans may be curious to see the whimsical space for themselves, it’s important to respect Stevin’s privacy and appreciate the photos and videos he shares on his YouTube channel.

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