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Versace Bright Crystal Model: A List of FAQs

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Picture of Versace Bright Crystal

Many people are confused about the term Versace Bright Crystal Model. Actually, Versace is a company that introduced a special perfume for women back in 2006 named Bright Crystal. Many Women worldwide have used this amazing product and feel this is the best perfume they have ever used.

1- What is the Versace Bright Crystal Model?

Bright Crystal is a sensual fruity fragrance for femininity launched by Versace in 2006. A woman who uses bright crystals seems to be confident, powerful, and attractive.

2- What is the size of the Versace Bright Crystal Model?

The standard size of Versace bright crystal is 90ml. It could be found in other sizes as well but the standard size is 90ml.

3- What does the Versace Bright Crystal smell like?

Bright Crystal has a sensual fruity fragrance.

4- Is Bright crystal for only women?

Yes, Bright Crystal Versace is only used by women to look confident, attractive, and charming.

5- Who is the Logo girl in Versace?

The logo girl is from Greek whose name is Medusa, Versace selected this woman for their logo because every man who meets this charming woman falls in love with her and has no back then.

6- Why do most people search for a Versace bright crystal model?

This is a very interesting question because Versace is the name of the company, bright crystal is the name of the perfume, and then what is the model? Actually, Versace is a modern company and knows how to market their products. Every year they hire different famous models for their advertisements. That is why people search for Versace models.

7- Who is the youngest model in Versace?

Kaia Garber is the 10 year old new model of Versace. If you want to read the biographies of some famous personalities please visit

8- How can I Buy Bright Crystal?

You can buy Versace Bright Crystal by visiting their official website, many other sites also sell this same product but I prefer their official website.

9- What is the price of Bright Crystal?

Its price is $105 per 90ml. Different websites have different prices but I have visited their site So, this is the original price.

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